Historical Tavern in Newfane, VT

In 1956, the location of present-day Rick's Tavern was used as a tool shed. It was located adjacent to a sawmill north of Newfane Village. Years later, the shed was moved to its current location and became Marie's Dinette. It was closed around 1959 because of "improper facilities." Their outhouse was not adequate for a public restaurant. Later, the location was purchased by a man from Connecticut. After the restaurant met state requirements, it was reopened. However, the location closed again in 1962.

The location reopened again to serve as a summer camp for kids. It was used as a summer camp for 16 years. In April 1978, Rick bought the location and renovated it to meet modern health and fire codes. He called the new location Rick's Tavern.

The location's bar was originally built around 1890 in Bismarck, North Dakota. It was shipped to the Winchester Hotel in Winchester, New Hampshire and served as their bar. In 1965, the original 50-foot bar measured 23 feet and was purchased by the Harmony Room, later known as the Village Barn, in Brattleboro, Vermont. In 1972, the bar was removed from the Village Barn and stored in a garage for six years. It resurfaced in 1978 when Rick purchased it. He restored it to its original condition and installed it in his restaurant where it now serves as the restaurant's focal piece.

The construction of Rick Tavern's dining room began in May 1981 and opened on July 7, 1981. The response was so great that the kitchen had to be expanded to accommodate the never-ending orders. The kitchen expansion was completed on August 12, 1981 and was remodeled once again in June 1991. In addition to the kitchen expansion and remodeling, the waiting room and game room entrance were upgraded.
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